The 'Deacons on Call' assist the pastoral staff with hospital visitation and other emergency situations. The 'Deacons on Call' are also available to be contacted regarding general member needs.



Week of Dec 9 - Dec 15 Jon McBride 513-512-7671 Jenni McBride 859-816-6521
Week of Dec 16 - Dec 22 Laura McCrann 859-992-7576 AJ Roseberry 859-322-4116
Week of Dec 23 - Dec 29 Joyce Vallandingham 513-479-5364 Teresa Arnold 859-620-9226
Week of Dec 30 - Jan 5 Tim Rachford 859-991-7752 Deron Jump 859-609-0615
Week of Jan 6 - Jan 12


The office of deacon is recognized as a high and holy office, but its honor is acquired from service rather than position. The office of Deacon exists for the aid of the Elders; service and ministry to the membership; watchful care and advice in the affairs of the Church. Deacons shall be characterized by the qualifications set forth in the following Bible passages:

1 Timothy 3:8-13; Acts 6:3-6 [See also Romans 16:1-2; Ephesians 6:21; Colossians 1:7, 4:7; Philippians 1:1]

Deacon Body:

Teresa Arnold
Geoff Besecker
Toni Besecker
Danny Gilbert
Shari Hennekes
David Holzschuh
Barry Jolly
Susan Jolly
Deron Jump
Jenni McBride
Jon McBride
Laura McCrann
Shirley Miller
Brian Painter
Chris Pelle
Bonnie Pickett
Tim Rachford
Diana Reis
AJ Roseberry
Joyce Vallandingham