Welcome To Main Street!

There is a local building hosting a community group I pass by nearly every day. I know a little about what they do and even have a friend or two who are members of that group.

I have never been in their building. I just seem to lack a good reason to attend one of their functions.

At Main Street we understand that we are now in the same category as the many other community groups we all pass by without much understanding who they are and what they do. Even those we think of favorably may never see us stop by and say, 'Hello' or ask, 'What exactly do you do in here?'.

We get it! So we are thankful you are checking us out on the web.

Main Street is a community of people from much different walks who are learning together what it means to be worshipers and followers of Jesus Christ.

We are focused on four key terms: Lead, Teach, Serve, Give. Everything we do is centered around one or more of those key terms.

We believe our best work is outside our building and off our campus. We call ourselves a 'Sieve' church because we aren't about making ourselves wealthier, we are about using the resources God gives to us to give to others locally, regionally, nationally, and around the world.

So, we would love for you to join us. We will do our best to be clear about who we are and what we do and to invite you along as we journey through this life together.


Our Lord's servant,

Robert Franklin

Senior Pastor